Will unionizing TSA workers compromise national security?

Sam and Leischen discuss the security vulnerabilities after TSA published sensitive information on its Web site. So where\'s the leadership? The hang-up is over collective bargaining rights.



Why do we "allow" unionization?

How can you allow ignorant people to be 'journalists'? Punky Dudester has no understanding of America's labor history, what's "right", or the way things really work. He just learned that unions are bad in his business courses, or his hillbilly family, or the corporate media, and we have to listen to his ignorant, chldish ideas. The boy doesn't even pee straight.

"We" need more "control" over these class of workers? It's not the army sonny Jim. There is a reason we don't use prison labor in our democratic, capitalist society either, Nancy.

National security is not an excuse to bring back the SS to manage the economy. Were you parents doing it when Ronald Reagan was giving a speech or something?

This kid wouldn't even make a good security guard, but he should stop pretending to report about anything in this field. We don't need the toady, stooge version of events and issues. Julius Kroll does not care if you lick his boots son, you still won't make VP if you think like a rock.

It's so funny to see young people resist and argue against the only forces (organizing, unionizing) that could bring their fellow citizens earning power in line with historical averages (higher), as if corporations will ever pay them when what they are really worth without effective bargaining, which for most workers amounts to collective bargaining (unions).

The police, firemen, EMS, Teachers, Feds, and Sanitation workers have a right to a workable living, like everyone else who works in America. They have a right to choose representative who can negotiate effectively for them. And they have a right NOT TO WORK if their contracts are not honored.

Slavery was outlawed a long time ago little man, and greater "control" is really just a form of forced labor.

It's not constitutional when judges order it, or when piss ants like you pray for it, in the name of greater "safety" using the big scare pitch. Harden up boy, and stop BSing people who have heard and said it all! You're not reporting to fools.

And turn off the damned TV, jackass!