Do we rely too much on technology?

Sam and Leischen discuss the Newark Airport security breach and whether or not the security industry relies too much on technology. (Posted: 1/11/10)



Heres the thing, this a FAILURE in manpower and not technology.

TSA said that a computer had not been rebooted properly, so the video wasnt being saved

As someone who relies on technology to help me as a tool, i realize the importance of staying abreast of technology, and knowing how to use what i have, as well as training my officers to use it as well.

As a former Sup FBI Agent, your video was relevant and brought out a valuable point that any technology with heavy emphasis on the security trained professional must work as effective partners. Airline security with years of professional experience need to be heard by the new TSA. After the xmas incident, TSA showed a lack of understanding. no bags, no carry-ons and did not wear any type of outergarment in a very cold part of the U.S. Stop being so worried about using the word profiling.