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Study shows that increase in LP paid off big in 2010


THOROFARE, N.J.—Loss prevention professionals around the world collectively breathed a sigh of relief today with the release of a study finding that global shrink decreased by 5.6 percent to $107.3 billion between July 2009 and June 2010. And there’s even better news for North American retailers.

What are the most significant technologies from outside our industry?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is it OLED displays for the smaller 11 - 26" sizes?

From CEA: "Samsung SDI will introduce superthin OLED monitors next year...[they] will be able to pump out 3 million panels in 2009."

Is it the 1TB Hard Disk Drive [and beyond]?

From "Western Digital, a leading maker of hard disk drives, has announced that it had achieve[d] record areal density... The achievement will allow the company to product 3TB hard disk drives in about three years time."

Is it PoE High Power?

We know that we can power today's not-so-power-hungry IP Cameras and VOIP Terminals with IEEE 802.3af compliant Power Sourcing Equipment, up to 12.9W. What about outdoor cameras that we're used to connecting almost 70W @ 24VAC to? Some say the PoE High Power standard will be limited to 24W; some say its capable of far more than that.

From a recent Microsemi release: "...high power midspans and splitters provide immediate, simple and safe PoE solutions, prior to ratification of the next generation standard..."

Is it Carbon Fiber?

Just about every bicycle manufacturer has a line of CF frames that can often yield a fully equipped bike at half the weight of its steel and aluminum cousins. How about making bike cops faster?

[sorry, I had to put in a transportation alternative plug]