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Holder: Police can’t wait for SWAT


PHILADELPHIA—The number of mass shootings in America is on the rise—tripling in four years. Law enforcement must reorganize, develop new strategies and aggressive protocols to confront shooters, Attorney General Eric Holder says.

Park Police turn to technology to monitor Fourth of July celebrations


WASHINGTON—Hundreds of thousands of people gathered at the nation’s capital this Fourth of July to celebrate the country’s independence. This year, as crowds packed the National Mall to watch the fireworks display, law enforcement agencies had extra sets of eyes monitoring the activity.

School’s out for summer: CTA ramps up police presence on trains


CHICAGO—The Chicago Police Department announced on June 20 it is ramping up its presence along Chicago Transportation Authority routes, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Beating at Dodger Stadium puts security in the spotlight


ATLANTA—The severe beating of a San Francisco Giants fan following the opening-day game at Dodger Stadium on March 31, has caused public scrutiny of the ability of security to protect fans.

Security at luxury mall 'pays attention to detail'


ORLANDO—Walking into The Mall at Millenia, a luxury mall with 150 stores including high-end merchants such as one of only two Rolex storefronts in the country, uniformed security officers greet guests. That is intentional, said Gregg Moore, security director of The Mall at Millenia.

Efforts to streamline 911 dispatch and make dispatch more efficient


DALLAS—A new technology partnership aims to simplify and speed up 911 dispatch for central stations.

Police and private sector should take European threat seriously


WASHINGTON—Local law enforcement agencies and private-sector security officials should pay close attention to a bulletin issued by the State Department on Oct. 3, warning of terrorist threats in Europe.

Police turn to video thanks to citywide Wi-Fi


LOMPOC, Calif.—In September, the Lompoc Police Department will begin phase one of a three-part, city-wide video management project to enhance the department’s ability to monitor activity within the city. During this initial phase, the department will add in-car cameras and new computers from RoboVu to enhance each officer’s situational awareness and assist them in prosecuting cases, said Captain Larry Ralston, who has been leading this project for the Lompoc Police Department.

Minnesota develops e-filing system to reduce pain points for police


ST. PAUL, Minn.—Once upon a time, police officers in Minnesota had to physically transport criminal complaints to the courthouse, a process that was both time consuming and frustrating for law enforcement. However, the state is currently in the midst of deploying a state-wide system that allows law enforcement to electronically file criminal cases and better track those cases.