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ASIS: Day one

Monday, September 21, 2009

Although day one here at ASIS International isn't quite concluded yet (I'm on west coast time, after all), I've had a very productive day at the show. Despite fairly light foot traffic at the onset, by this time in the day things seemed to have livened up. I've seen a lot of people pass through with luggage in tow, so I'm guessing that today was a travel day for many and tomorrow will show much stronger numbers.

I haven't had much time to wander the show floor (I usually save that for Wednesday of the show), but have had some great discussions with security practitioners as part of sdnTVnews. For example, I spoke with Brian Tuskan, senior director of Microsoft Global Security, about what he called the 'secret sauce' to security solutions. Tuskan, who is charged with protecting more than 700 sites in 100 different countries and over 90,000 employees said that Microsoft utilizes a variety of solutions and doesn't use an integrator, but instead partners with different companies (like PPM2000, for example) to put together a holistic solution. Microsoft even has a booth here at ASIS International displaying their solution.

Also, I sat down with Sergeant Chris Kovac from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department to talk about the deployment of everything from video surveillance to license plater reader technology and mobile fingerprint readers. He talked about the challenges that municipality's face and how these different types of technologies can really make departments more efficient and cost effective.

Both of those interviews will be on sdnTVnews in the upcoming weeks.

In addition, I also sat down with Steve Russell and Al Shipp from 3VR about some recent patents they've acquired concerning searchable video as well as their continued focus on the retail space. Since that ORC conference I attended a few weeks ago, my awareness of retail theft issues has certainly been heightened and it sounds like 3VR has a broad offering of video solutions tailored toward the needs of retailers. There was a mention of an integration of their solution with POS systems that has helped retailers identify internal theft and fraud issues. Hopefully I'll report in more detail on that one in the future.

As you might remember, Al Shipp is a former technology executive with Apple and he was quite impressed with SDN's launch of it's iPhone application that delivers the news right to your phone (how do you like that promo? I've really embraced the ASIS spirit, don't you think?). Actually, I didn't actually get to show Al the app (I'm a BlackBerry user myself), but I could tell by his reaction that he was indeed impressed with how innovative we are at SDN.

Anyway, several more interviews to look forward to in the next two days of the show and by every indication they will be equally as productive as today. Now off to catch Anaheim Angels vs. New York Yankees game. See you on the show floor!