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Non-lethal tech gives guards confidence on job

Layered-defense system documents confrontations, uses pepper spray as last resort

DALLAS—Platinum Event Services employees are more confident on the job using a hand-held security device that can be likened to a Swiss Army knife for guards.

Is a Securitas/Niscayah reunion imminent?


STOCKHOLM, Sweden—Is it strange that guarding giant Securitas, which divested itself of its systems integration business (Securitas Systems, now Niscayah) five years ago, this week made a bid to buy that very same business back?

Security officer brings live bomb INSIDE building, leaves it there for three weeks.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wow. It's not very often I read about security breaches this atrocious. According to an ABC News story, a contract security officer apparently spotted a package outside the McNamara Federal Building in Detroit, but instead of treating it with caution, he picked it up and brought it inside the building:

"Against all security protocols -- an unattended package should be treated with extreme caution -- he picked up that package and took it inside basically on the premise of 'lost and found' property. And apparently stored it. That was on Feb. 26. On March 18th, last Friday, someone got the idea to x-ray the package. At that point wires were seen... and it turned out to be a bomb."

And this isn't just any commercial building, the McNamara Federal Building houses the FBI, IRS and offices for Sen. Carl Levin. Yes, you read that correctly: The FBI!

According to the article, the bag contained a pipe bomb.

The response? Well, that particular officer was suspended and a special training team will be deployed to Detroit to re-train the building's security personnel on proper protocol. Yeah, I would say that would be a good idea. While this officer certainly broke protocol, I can't imagine he didn't mention this to another officer, right? I'm guessing there's more than one officer protecting this very important federal building and he likely said something to someone else about finding the bag.

There's plenty of finger pointing to do, but I'm just happy I can write a blog about the idiocy of this situation instead of the tragedy.

Transit officials react to video of officers standing by as girl gets beaten


SEATTLE—The release of video footage showing a 15-year-old girl being beaten in front of three security officers in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel on Jan. 28 has spurred both public and industry scrutiny. The video shows three officers allowing the attack to occur, literally at their feet, claiming later that they were unable to intervene due to policy and liability restrictions.

Guard issues all over the news

Monday, October 19, 2009

A lot of talk about guards in the news lately. I just read this article that security guards at the Philadelphia Museum of Art have won their two-year long struggle to unionize.

Museum guards signed union authorization cards in November 2008, but couldn’t find a union willing to stand up to their employer—security industry giant AlliedBarton—to help them fight for recognition as a bargaining group. (Under the federal National Labor Relations Act, security guards are prevented from joining most labor unions.)

While guards  won the battle to unionize, they still have to negotiate a contract with their employer, AlliedBarton. I just put out a few calls to AlliedBarton to see what they have to say, but I think there's definitely a benefits for both sides to unionize. I'm sure guard companies would have to spend more money per guard in a union situation, but at the same time, it would likely lead to far less turnover and aid in professionalizing the industry as a whole, which would attract higher quality applicants, right? I'll let you know what they say.

And, because reality TV has no boundaries, a new show premiering on TLC will feature the life of mall security guards.

"Mall Cops: Mall of America" follows the daily routines of dozens of officers on the MOA's security force, following them as they respond to calls, provide security for celebrities and deal with the daily work of mall security.

Sounds exciting. The series premiers Thursday night at 9pm on TLC, and is scheduled to run through December. Too bad I still don't have cable.

This sorta reminds me of that DHS television series: “Homeland Security: USA” that debuted ran back in January.  I forget, how did that fare?