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DTT expanding into new retail verticals

Video surveillance provider to break into convenience store, small-box retail market

LOS ANGELES—DTT Surveillance, a manufacturer and integrator of video surveillance solutions, is opening a new corporate office in Las Vegas, plans to hire 500 new employees and is breaking into two new vertical markets, convenience stores and small-box retailers.

Bring-your-own-bags: A boon for shoplifters?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Are bans on single-use bags aiding shoplifters?

It would seem so, according to a provocative article from the Austin (Texas) American-Statesman.

For environmental reasons, Austin banned single-use bags as of March 1 of this year. Customers are now required to bring their own bags to stores. Retailers and police said in the article that, because of the ban, it is now more difficult to tell the difference between legitimate customers and shoplifters.

“We’re getting a new type of offender that is taking advantage of the system,” Austin Police Officer David Silva, who worked off-duty in March at a local Walmart, said in the article.

Before the ban, someone leaving the store with unbagged items would be suspect, but it happens more frequently now as some customers forget to bring their own bags.

The article said that the Texas Retailers Association, which sued the city of Austin over the bag ban in February, has no hard data about increased thefts in the wake of the measure. In other cities, such as Brownsville, Texas, and Seattle, however, increased theft has been attributed to similar bans.

What’s your experience? Does this come down to a contest between being green and effective LP? I’m interested. Let me know. I'd like to look into this further.



Vector Security partners with Risk Management Services to improve loss prevention


PITTSBURGH—National account retailers stand to benefit from a partnership between a loss prevention service and a security systems integrator.

NY Senate passes bevy of anti-ORC bills


ALBANY, N.Y.—The New York State Senate recently passed legislation that would crack down on organized retail crime by creating new crimes and increasing penalties on existing ones.

New ORC group forms in Tulsa


TULSA, Okla.—A new group in this city is the most recent addition to the growing list of public-private partnerships forming around the country to combat organized retail crime.

Private equity firm acquires DTT Surveillance


BOSTON—BV Investment Partners, a private equity firm based here, is the new owner of DTT Surveillance, a provider of managed surveillance and business intelligence to the restaurant and hospitality industries, following a recapitalization announced March 15. The deal includes a $40 million credit from Capiltal One Bank.

Wisconsin bill places ORC in the crosshairs


MADISON, Wis.—Add Wisconsin to the list of states trying to raise the stakes in the battle against organized retail crime.

Cabela's forms investigations team to combat ORC


SIDNEY, Neb.—National outdoor retailer Cabela’s has formed a special investigations team that will tackle organized retail crime affecting its 38 locations in North America.

Retailers asked to tackle gift card fraud


NEW YORK—Senator Charles Schumer used his political soapbox this week to warn consumers of gift card fraud during the holiday season and to ask retailers to take the issue more seriously and protect the cards from tampering while they're in stores.

For one franchisee, surveillance does more than catch bad guys


EAU CLAIRE, Wis.—Within the past year, Scott Knepper has purchased six struggling Cold Stone Creamery franchises in Wisconsin. In each case, the first thing he did was invest in a new surveillance system.