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Port authority invests big bucks

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New York's port authority has approved $5 million in funding to be used for a "state-of-the-art" security operations center and emergency radio system at the World Trade Center site.

From the NY1 rerport:
First responders say they were hampered during the September 11th attacks by radios that didn't work, making it impossible to communicate with police and firefighters inside the Twin Towers.

The new system would open up 20 radio frequencies during an emergency. Every building on the site would have a designated security center.

Planners are still deciding where to locate the main command center which would serve five skyscrapers, the September 11th memorial and the World Trade Center transit hub.

The PA is also spending millions on security upgrades at LaGuardia and Newark Airports.

The agency authorized $28 million to install more vehicle barriers in front of LaGuardia's Central Terminal and Newark's Terminal B.

The agency also announced a $400 million federal grant that pay for upgrades to baggage conveyer belt systems to integrate checked baggage screening. In some locations now, passengers have to carry their luggage to a screener after it's tagged.

If my math is right, that is roughly $433 million dollars being spent on security by the port authority right now. Now, I know my view but do you think it is being well spent?