Xtralis releases access and video solution

Xtralis introduced a fully integrated, IT-centric access control and video security solution. The new Xtralis security portfolio is comprised of solutions that simplify deployment and management by information technology professionals, such as power over ethernet access control devices, energy-efficient cold disk video storage and IT standards-based video management servers built on commercial off-the-shelf Intel processors. The Xtralis IT-Centric security portfolio includes: The Xtralis S3000 Access Control System scalable, all-IP access control for single or multi-site enterprises; the Xtralis M3000 Command and Control Solution powerful management software for real-time situational awareness and operational insight across a variety of security sub-systems; the Xtralis V3100 Video and Audio Recorder – flexible H.264 live and recorded video and audio; and the Xtralis V3500 IP Video Storage Management Server virtually unlimited, encrypted network video storage using a patented process which dramatically reduces power consumption.

For more information, visit www.xtralis.com