Vector Security partners up to offer managed network services to retail customers

Monday, January 16, 2012

PITTSBURGH, Pa.—Vector Security, based here, recently announced a strategic partnership with Spacenet that allows the security company to offer managed network services to its national retail customers.

As retailers are leveraging more security tools to gather valuable business intelligence using their network, their available bandwidth is growing scarce, Dave Merrick, Vector's marketing director, tells Security Director News. At the same time, information security demands and PCI compliance are putting additional stress on retailers' existing IT infrastructure, according to a press release from Vector, which has roughly 100 national retailer customers with more than 45,000 locations in North America.

"Retailers themselves have reached a precipice in how well their IT platforms work," Merrick tells SDN. "That is exacerbated by the fact that given where they're located there are varying degrees of connectivity. So what Spacenet does is redesign and manage those networks that retailers are using in a more efficient way."

Vector sought out the alliance because it was more efficient than striking out alone to offer managed network services. All the security services, from access control to alarm monitoring, will eventually be managed over a network, Merrick says, "so we need to align with a company that provides services and has experience on that side of the fence to take our relationship with our retail customers to a higher level."

Merrick uses a car analogy to put it simply: "We provide the Porsche. Spacenet provides the Autobahn."