Toronto police bust organized shoplifting ring

Thursday, October 17, 2013

TORONTO, Ontario—From lingerie to foot cream, these thieves were after it all. The breakup of a wide-reaching Canadian shoplifting ring is reportedly one of North America’s biggest loss-prevention recovery investigations.

Two Toronto residents, Thi Loc Doan and The Ha Long, face charges, and police are seeking a third person after law enforcement officers recovered $390,000 of stolen merchandise from two Toronto locations, CTV reports.

Stolen items were displayed for sale on store shelves inside one raided home, police told news reporters. “Just the sheer volume of property recovered … was shocking to us,” said Det. Bruno Miron.

Thieves paid accomplices to hit as many as two dozen stores, stealing all they could, even using specially designed bags to thwart security features. Detectives didn’t elaborate on how those bags were made, but said they used “basic materials.”

According to CTV, police, tipped off to the crimes two months ago, are not sure how long the group has been working the Toronto area.

Detectives told CTV those who purchased items from the ring also broke the law, because it is illegal to buy stolen goods.