Two found guilty of plotting to bomb JFK

Monday, August 2, 2010

NEW YORK—On Aug. 2, two men were found guilty of conspiring to attack the Kennedy International Airport – plans that included blowing up fuel tanks and setting off explosions along a pipeline through New York City.

One of the convicted men was a former cargo handler at the airport and the one who conceived and drove the plot.

The New York Times reported that the plot to destroy the airport never advanced beyond the conceptual stage and was beyond the capabilities of the two Guyanese men. It was also determined that the attack was unlikely to occur, given the safety measures installed along the fuel pipeline.

An undercover informant assisted the men in conducting surveillance on the airport and accompanied them on international trips to secure financial and logistical support, reported The Times.

The men were convicted on five counts of conspiring to commit acts of terrorism and face possible sentences of life in prison.