Chicago Transit Authority sees results from increased video surveillance

Friday, November 2, 2012

CHICAGO—The Chicago Transit Authority is crediting much of the 25 percent decrease in robberies on the system this year to increased video surveillance.

The CTA touted its findings while showing off its new video surveillance room at CTA headquarters, according to WLS-TV in Chicago. The headquarters is 12 times larger than the previous room and is linked to a network of 3,600 cameras.

The technology boost, an increase in the number of transit police officers, and more investigators working with what the cameras produce has led to what the CTA says is a noticeable drop in robbery, theft and violent crime from last year, WLS reported.

"We're arresting more people as a result of the video cameras, and we're getting more habitual criminals off our streets and out of our system," CTA President Forrest Claypool told WLS.

Future security plans include programming real-time camera feeds on trains and buses to help authorities catch thieves and robbers in the act of committing crimes or immediately afterward, officials told the Chicago Tribune.

About 135 arrests, mostly for theft and robbery, were made on or near CTA property from January through September, and all can be attributed to the video surveillance, Claypool said.