Portland Jetport gets some action


It's not very often we get some security excitement here in Maine, so I thought it was worthy of a quick blog entry. Today the Portland Jetport (and yes, that means only small planes fly in and out of the 11-gate terminal) had to be evacuated upon suspicion of an explosive device which was detected in a passenger's carry-on luggage.

As of the latest news report, I guess all is clear and it was just an "unidentifiable electronic device" but the Portland Bomb Squad (we have a bomb squad!) had to use a robot to remove the bag from the x-ray machine. And, they were planning to blow up the bag, but news reports say authorities were seen carrying the bag into a squad card, so I guess that means no fireworks.

Normally, I would grab the sdnTVnews camera and head out to the Jetport for some live reporting, but alas, the camera is in Vegas with the rest of the staff, so I can't bring you any live footage. However, in the spirit of Vegas, the three of us have some bets going about what we think this device actually is. Here's what we're thinking:

- vibrating neck pillow
- electric shaver
- Tickle Me Elmo
- iPod
- blender

I'll let you know after I watch the 6 o'clock local news (which is always a treat anyway).

I called it. According to a news report this morning, the "mysterious" electronic device that caused the evacuation and three-hour delay ended up being a "jumble of electronics", including an iPod. Wow, my reporter instincts are impressive. Here's another article about the incident, in case you're really intrigued. Oh, and the good news: The bag's owner wasn't arrested and was even allowed to catch his flight. My bet is he'll never pack his iPod quite the same way, though.