Macy's tests software solution in pilot program

Sunday, October 22, 2006

NEW YORK--Macy's announced last week that it is beta testing version 2.0 of IntelliVid Corp.'s, Video Investigator software, which supports the use of IP surveillance cameras.
The solution transforms retailers' existing video surveillance systems from passive recording devices into active theft prevention and stores intelligence solutions, helping to both reduce shrink and provide retailers with key insights into their stores.
This new release supports retailers' increasing use of IP cameras. In addition, by integrating with the IP infrastructure, retailers can better leverage the expertise of their IT departments for tasks such as support and maintenance of surveillance equipment. This will enable in-store staff to focus on their primary responsibilities, such as customer service and loss prevention.
"We are pleased to be participating in the beta test of Video Investigator 2.0," said Ed Wolfe, vice president of loss prevention at Macy's. "This product has already proven its ability to help us reduce shrink and gain valuable insights into what goes on in our stores."