FIFA hires former INTERPOL director as new security director

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ZURICH—FIFA, the global organization that oversees the international sport of soccer, has hired a former INTERPOL director to lead its newly created security division.

Ralf Mutschke, currently senior manager at the German Federal Criminal Police Office and a former INTERPOL director, will become FIFA's director of security and be responsible for all security at FIFA games across the world, security around FIFA headquarters in Zurich, the personal security of FIFA's president and administration, as well as for matters related to the integrity and protection of the game itself, according to a press release. Mutschke will assume the position on June 12.

FIFA previously had a security department, but given the increased attention on international match fixing and security at sports stadiums, the organization recently elevated security to have its own division.

"For me, the main issue will be the integrity of FIFA competitions," Mutschke said in a statement. "The focus here will be on match-fixing, betting fraud and corruption."

A former police officer in Germany, Mutschke also held leading positions at INTERPOL, where he was the director of the regional and national police services and the assistant director of the sub-directorate for crimes against persons and property.

Mutschke is not new to the world of soccer. Besides working as a liaison with team security officers at the 2006 FIFA World Cup and the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 while at the German federal police, Mutschke is also a soccer player who was played for various clubs in Germany at the highest amateur level.