Day 2 at ASIS


Day 2 at ASIS 2012 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia started off with a focus on the massive convention center itself. I attended a panel discussion on the center’s recent security upgrade and then a tour to see some of those changes, furnished, installed and coordinated by Schneider Electric. Schneider and convention hall officials led us behind the public areas of the center, pointed out camera positioning and access control, showed us their perimeter control and then let us into the command center for a view of the inner workings. A lot of work goes into securing a 1-million-square-foot building always bustling with thousands of visitors per day.

Next, I visited with Karen Evans, president and CEO of Sielox and heard about her company’s new release of  Pinnacle 9 and integration with Salto wireless locks and with Ingersoll Rand’s Schlage Wireless AD-Series.

JuliAnn Tuleya, marketing communications manager of Brivo Systems gave me a brief tutorial on CloudPass for the federal access market, as well the company’s other cloud solutions.

At IQinVision, Wendi Burke, director of global marketing solutions, was kind enough to fill in a neophyte (as in me) on her company’s high-res cameras and their role in the marketplace.

Then I went to a panel presentation sponsored by Ingersoll Rand on its new NFC “mobile key” implementation on the campuses of Villanova University and the University of San Francisco. A select number of students in the early test runs have downloaded their dorm access credentials onto their iPhones and no longer need to swipe a plastic card to enter their buildings. They are also able to use their iPhones for certain purchases, such as in the cafeterias, for laundry services, at the copy center, and so on. Feedback has been extremely positive, university reps on the panel said.

Finally, I had a chat with Leigh McGuire, the learned ASIS marketing manager. I’m sure she’ll be a helpful source to me, as she has been in the past to my colleagues at Security Systems News.

It was a whirlwind trip, especially with me being new to the industry, but I appreciate everyone’s patience and the time they took to fill me in on their place in the marketplace and their impact on end-users.