Day 1 at ASIS


Among the dozens of people I spoke to on my first day—and first time—at ASIS 2012 were members of the HIS End Users Committee executive committee, who were at the show to recruit new members, and very enthusiastically, I might add.

Rudy Wolter, director of North America security and investigative services at Citigroup, chairman of the group, along with his colleagues, Scott Thompson Sr., director of security engineering and technical systems at Novartis, and Sonora Henderson-Stermer, security operations administrator for Yahoo, had nothing but positives to say about the group’s relationship with Honeywell.

“Honeywell 100 percent answers back to the end user,” Wolter said. “It all comes down to communication.”

The group got its start about 10 years ago with about 10 members, now has 70, and it’s looking for more end-user customers of Honeywell’s Pro-Watch.

Tony Foglia, director of global accounts for Honeywell, said 70 percent of the issues the group has raised have been addressed by the company. “It’s a collective voice into our R&D efforts,” he said.

Members are in regular contact and meets twice annually, both in vertical groups and mixed vertical groups.