Columbine: 10 years later


We are busy putting the final touches on our May issue but I wanted to quickly post this article from USA Today on the truths behind the Columbine massacre. It's an interesting read and as I scrolled through it this morning, I came to the conclusion that no one can really be blamed for releasing inaccurate information. Any one of us would have hated to be in the position to investigate the shootings deaths of 13 high school students (15 if you include the gunman) and the reasons behind it. Any of us probably would have stumbled along the way as well.

The article outlines who Harris and Klebold really were and their true plans for that April day. To this day, it's still shocking to me, this event that first defined school security.

Even though we all wanted immediate answers at the time, the fact is that only time provides this kind of in-depth information.