ASIS International undergoes layoffs, cites economy


The economy has been bad - that's no secret. Today, I confirmed that economic factors have impacted the security industry's largest association, ASIS International, and in late June the organization laid off some of its staff.

I spoke with Eileen Smith, vice president of marketing for ASIS, and she confirmed the layoff event in June. "There were some layoffs to rightsize the organization," she told me. "We’re facing the same economic issues that most businesses are facing."

When asked if this had been spurred by other factors like reduced membership or lower-than-expected show attendance, Smith said the association would not comment beyond citing economic factors. Fair enough.

A credible source told me that the association laid off somewhere between 11 and 13 employees. According to its Web site, ASIS has approximately 95 full-time employees at its headquarters in Alexandria, Va. By my math calculations, that's about 8 percent of its total staff (assuming all layoffs were at its headquarters and were full-time employees, which have not been confirmed).

Regardless, this is just another sign that security is not immune to economic pressures and hopes for a quick turnaround from last year's recession are probably unfounded.


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